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Contemporary Primal Caveman Death Metal is the classification of the feral phenomena which by the turn of the millennium inevitably had to come into existence. Catalysed by a series of erratic events, a distressed habitat and an indigenous appetite, carnal metal band Goat the Head was spawned on the muddy riverbanks of Nidelva in the Norwegian wilderness.

The birth cry was the impetuous mini album Neander Tales (Left Horn Records, 2006). This marked the band’s violent invasion unto the live stage, where their bizarre and entrancing performance generated plenty of underground notoriety, as well as the opportunity for the debut full length album, Simian Supremacy (TABU Recordings, 2007), to be unleashed upon their fans. Following in its wake was an epic, award-nominated cult promo video for the track Darwinian Minions, a London boxing ring smack-down, a tour of the UK, a quest to represent Norwegian metal in Texas, and several unforgettable concerts and festival appearances. Then the band crawled into a minor hiatus to evolve and procreate.

Now, Goat the Head are once again emerging from the mire. On the 13th of September 2010, Aftermath Music released the head’s sophomore album, curiously dubbed Doppelgängers. Mixed and mastered by the renowned Tue Madsen, the album boasts 10 furious tracks exerting about every colour of the metal palette!

Look out! The Doppelgängers are approaching. Please gird brain for explosion!

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