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Trieste, Italy

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Goga Mason:
[Video Animazioni Vive: Illustration, Microscope, Light Box, Webcam... ]

Goga Mason, Illustrator, animator, vj and cofounder of :


A paper and luminous signs Pure Data ballet.
Video animazioni vive is a performative approach to the alive matter, which comes from the love for the ani- mation and the sequencial elettricity. It’s a project about light signs and paper, made dance by Pure Data.
We like to think about Video Aanimazioni Vive as an alive being: everytime different energies grow differ- ent results. Lights and sounds are armonized as in a play and they’re an expression of a process, in which the matter is been trasformed and draw its own origins in the commun experience we share.
It’s not a Dj set or a Vj set, because nothing exists before the performance, we don’t use sounds or images made by others. We use as raw materials a table full of misterious objects, colored paper, pencil, markers, synthesis modules, radio, sequencer and webcam, all mixed in a colored plot of milion of cables.
What comes out is a direction of the unpredictable: all happens live inspired by an analogical approach to animation, improvvisation and painting.
It’s a magic dance beetwen emotional presences and it’s a performance inspired by love.

/ analogic, live animation, live electronic, live improvisation, live painting, live performance, love live, pure data


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