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As a musician, I experiment with different genres such as free jazz, free improvisation, electro-acoustic and noise. I record soundscapes and integrate them into my compositions. As a performer I use my voice and electronics in improvisation. I work with different mediums to realize my ideas. Through the musician in me I have a huge interest in performance art. Besides my artistic projects this experiences gave me more encourage to mix different medias together and stage my ideas with other artists. I work with living things to create basic theatrical scenes with sound and visual elements. I began with staged photography and then moved on to creating my costumes and my environment, yet somehow it was not enough, so I began to use moving images in my projects. There is no technical precondition in my works. An image or a moment could give me an inspiration, and for me an artwork is like a combination of this incorporated with my own unique perceptions. I focus on about the history of beginning of the world, written human history, evolution, technology, modern human, science and nature. I create performative scenes surrounding ideas about the separation between modern human beings and their original nature.

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