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My name is Ben Hogan and golf has been part of my life since I have been able to walk. I have been playing competitive golf since the age of nine and have played in professional tournaments for the last 10 years. I played NCAA Division I golf for George Mason University and was a team captain.

As a highly accomplished amateur, I was fortunate enough to have worked personally with Kirk Lucas, an instructor to PGA and LPGA tour players, for over ten years. As a student of the game myself, I teach what I have learned from other great instructors and players such as Ben Hogan, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, Jim Flick, Jonathan Byrd, Steve Marino, Quin and Jim Sullivan, and other fellow PGA members).

Through their knowledge and wisdom I have been able to develop my own teaching methodologies. Through ten years of teaching, I have extensive knowledge in techniques and drills to help achieve you achieve your goals. I receive great satisfaction in helping students improve and enjoy the great game of golf.

Lessons by appointment
Golf Lessons in Springfield VA with Fairfax Virgina golf instructor Ben Hogan, PGA

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