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  1. Carlos Ferreira {Vídeoart}

    Carlos Ferreira {Vídeoart} Plus Portugal


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    We are a group of people who love to make fun, stylish, creative and inspirational films. Please join us and let your story be captured by us. We believe this journey is just getting started and we can do it together. We are passionate about the art of storytelling. What will be yours? Carlos Ferreira +351…

  2. Vimeo Video School

    Vimeo Video School Staff Vimeo HQ


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    Vimeo Video School is a fun place for anyone to learn how to make better videos. On this account, we'll post original lesson videos. For the full learning experience go to vimeo.com/videoschool!

  3. Michael Langan

    Michael Langan Plus Los Angeles


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    Michael Langan is an American writer / director with a background in experimental animation and visual effects. His films and music videos have been called "confounding and fascinating" by The New York Times, "inventive" by The Atlantic, and "eerily beautiful" by NPR, and…

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