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Goo Technologies is a pioneering web technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Our Vision is a world where all digital experiences are available instantly on all devices, everywhere. In the internet world we envision, advanced games are published online just like a web page. It’s a world where even the most advanced games are made available on any device regardless of physical location.

The best part is that our vision is not in a distant future, it’s here now.

Using our amazing Goo Technology, we help the gaming world revolutionize the publication and distribution of games by enabling seamless instant and interactive 3D game experiences directly in the browser. This allows our customers to deliver their games as-a-service, in the browser and thereby increasing revenues and reducing costs by simplifying development and maintenance. Games can finally be published in all web channels and on all devices; computers, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Building on our proprietary world leading WebGL 3D platform, Goo Engine®, we offer the capability to step into the next generation of online game technology which will change how the web is experienced forever!

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