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The Gorgeous Colours are a Dublin based five-piece band made up of Geoffrey McArdle (lead vocals / keys / trumpet), Neil Smyth (guitar / keys / backing vocals), Philip O’Gorman (guitar / keys / backing vocals), Tim Groenland (bass guitar / backing vocals) and Simon Hunt (drums / backing vocals).

The band members are influenced by a broad range of styles and genres, from blues to electronic and everything in between. Together they find a common musical ground that boasts strong melodies and catchy hooks, yet offers the kind of detail that reveals more to love with every listen. Their sound has recently expanded to include synths, laptops, trumpet and glockenspiel, and their live shows are all the more engaging as a result.

Gaining momentum with their 2010 The Creatures Down Below EP (funded by their fans) and the recently released It’s OK To Be Normal, the five band members are proving to be the most promising indie band to emerge from Ireland in years.

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