Gerald Nicks

Tacoma, WA

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"Music to raise the dead, and calm the lost souls"

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my music. I hope my music has made a difference in your life, because life is worth living; always keep being creative and have fun!

I've been playing music for a long time, various bands, various instruments, and the recurring themes are dark, but hopeful. The emphasis has turned to songwriting and performing live, hence the drive to use looping backgrounds I create with my 5-string electric cello, electronic percussion, and various other instruments, while I sing over top of the sound-bed. Fans are always amazed to see "music being made right in front of their eyes" while I conjure loops in real time. Alas, in a 15 minute window of a live Open Mic, I have to resort to pre-recorded loops I made previously. I find it hard to pigeon-hole my sound as it is so I end up describing it as "Gothic Singer-Songwriter / Dark Americana-Jazz-Folk-Lounge Electronica". I hereby dub this genre as "Un-Dead Looping Electronica"!

So, welcome to the hand-basket, we're going places!

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