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A self-taught photographer and self-proclaimed smart-aleck. When not wasting film in musty, archaic, plastic toy cameras, long sleepless nights are spent watching bad movies with titles like "The World’s Greatest Sinner" and "Blood Feast." These bad movies and their zero budget cinematography, no doubt, have influenced Tread's work in some way, but so has fellow Lexingtonian Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

Black & White and Color photography, captured non-digitally, printed traditionally using (gasp) silver and paper. Themes in obvious dichotomy. Intimacy vs. Isolation. Love vs. Indifference. Here vs. There. Tread wants to convey a "southern-ness" in his work without using a sledgehammer. Tread preaches that "The South" isn't a cliche' ridden also-ran of a culture, more than any other place on earth it is full of subtle beauty, wonderful characters and strange wonder. Tread is the South, we all are...or should be.

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