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Goulart is the alter-ego of a well known Portuguese artist.

With a career that spans for over 10 years and a lot of songs that now belong to the Portuguese songbook, with Goulart he assumes his solo work as a songwriter in English with the help of composer Lissa Juster and the writer and painter Marc Seguin, both from Montreal, Canada.

Starting in 2012 as an answer to the Canadian producer Howard Billerman, responsible for Arcade Fire´s “Funeral” and producer of the last two Tiago Bettencourt´s albums, who defied him to sing in English, this solo project gained form in between his releases as Tiago Betencourt.

With João gomes on stage, Goulart represents the sum of his influences and the desire to work with a language that is not his, but sounds as if it is.

Pure songwriting and alternative sound with glimpses of an electronic component is what we can expect in this new but thrilling project.