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los angeles, ca

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i’m not your typical girl. couldn’t be farther from ordinary, in fact.

in 2009, i dropped everything (successful career and all) to randomly jump to LA. i'm sort of nuts. i want to be a writer. (ironically, not any sort that has to do with "the industry".) i'm also an artist. design. sing. act. music. stand up. sketch comedy. whatever. everything.

i started teaching myself how to play the guitar. i've decided to make rudimentary, clumsy videos to document my progress. they are funny for me to watch how awkward it was at first. and inspiring to see the development of skill. still very amateur, but coming along.

a long time ago, i used to write music. never really pursuing anything past performing at school shows, i always considered it a bit of a pipe dream. i started college as a vocal performance major in a very good music program. however, i quickly learned that my comprehensive interest in all things wouldn't be able to tolerate such a limited curriculum. my mind had an appetite requiring an all encompassing, broad liberal arts diet. so i dropped out of the music program to satisfy my many curiosities.

i remember elementary school when it came time to write down what you wanted to be when you grow up. i laugh to myself now when i recall that i would always jot down 'aspiring singer and actress'.

i never knew what the word 'aspiring' meant back was just something i had always heard. well, now i've grown up. and among many other things, i guess i'm still aspiring. it's been too long since these hands have touched piano keys. i'll buy a digital keyboard soon...but for now i've started learning the guitar. i've always yearned for the guitar...and now i know why. it's extremely addicting. painfully so.

in recent years, my life has been about pursuing passions. i'm always looking for my next source of inspiration. could be anything.


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