Graeme Pettit

Beddgelert, Snowdonia, Wales

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For my sins....I'm in my '50's, have always had an interest in, and appreciation of different forms of visual and tactile artwork. I am very firmly of the belief that good art should evoke some form of emotion in the viewer, and certainly within the natural world, when out with the camera, feeling humble and honoured to be part of the landscape and to feel and experience that which I can.

I was raised as a child in Lincolnshire, and took inspiration from my grandfather and step-dad - both great countrymen, whom with I explored most of the rivers, coast and the farmlands/woods of the Lincolnshire Wolds, flatlands and coast. At 17, I joined the Forestry Commission in East Anglia, and worked in many locations throughout England and Scotland, until I had a change of career into Horticulture and Agriculture - In 2010, a job change away from the land left me in charge of training and education within a wide range of small industries.

The future beckons, and I have decided to concentrate on that which I truly love, and am about to move house to somewhere VERY special - so keep watching what I'm up to.

I love to photograph wildlife and land/seascapes, but have been drawn to macro work and the casual/street type portrait on occasion. I will try anything to get the right image - regardless of the subject, and enjoy looking for the normally unseen and ignored when I work

I've often been asked what it is that inspires me and maintains my interest - On a journey to somewhere, I play music in the car, and that tends to set a mood - then the place gives everything else I need. Wanting to repeat the simple joy of being out there and doing it, it what truly sustains.

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