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  1. Drifting for Fun

    by Miguel Gonçalves joined

    951 Videos / 169 Members

    Share your Drifting videos here! Competition or just for fun, this is the group to follow :) Also follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DriftingForFun


    by Drifting|HD joined

    2,419 Videos / 687 Members

    If you like high entry speeds, lots of tire smoke, door banging tandem runs, or just anything drifting. This group is for you.

  3. Blackmagic Cinema Camera User Group

    by H. Paul Moon joined

    2,993 Videos / 3,346 Members

    ORDER NOW: Pocket MFT-mount: http://bhpho.to/bmccpckt 2.5k EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/bmccef 2.5k MFT-mount: http://bhpho.to/bmccmft 4k EF-mount: http://bhpho.to/bmcc4K This is the User…

  4. Canon 5d Mark III

    by canomark joined

    2,805 Videos / 1,099 Members

    Canon 5d mark III This group created for all people interesting new camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Canon EOS 5D Mark III specifications: Unsurpassed Image Quality 22.3 Megapixel Full Frame…

  5. European Autos

    by Mike Cutler joined

    834 Videos / 220 Members

    A group for people who love European Autos!! Any car brand from Europe!! So please upload videos and pictures!! Enjoy!! MC

  6. Hot Cars

    by Nipper Media joined

    1,517 Videos / 520 Members

    Exotic and custom cars on display for all to drool

  7. AutoBlock Vimeo Community Group

    by AutoBlock joined

    2,999 Videos / 575 Members

    AutoBlock is a HD automotive video/image site with a variety of great content to choose from, plus a great forum to share with friends. We have everything from drifting to classic cars. You can…

  8. Classic Cars

    by Tom G. joined

    65 Videos / 135 Members

    These Video Group is created for showing CREATIVE FILM WORK with "vintage and classic cars" as the content!

  9. Petrolheads

    by 33hirtz joined

    2,581 Videos / 379 Members

    We are petrolheads. We can't help it.

  10. Bimmer Movie Makers

    by Albert Golon joined

    1,664 Videos / 381 Members

    Bimmer Movie Makers is a group for everybody who loves those rear wheel drive beauties. If You have an M3, M5, ALPINA B5 or just fifteen year old 525i... this is place for You. Share your passion…

  11. Automotive HD

    by CoPa Productions joined

    9,181 Videos / 2,656 Members

    If you enjoy the sound of loud exhaust and burning rubber of American muscle. The whistle of a turbo engine spooling up, or the class and distinction of European engineering. This is a place for…

  12. VW Audi

    by aleksander ødegård joined

    336 Videos / 102 Members

    A group for videos of VW and Audi only.

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