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Vancouver, BC

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As a kid I could frequently be found with a Super 8 movie camera trying little experimental scenes and animated sequences. As an adult I was rarely seen without a camera of some sort. I spent most of my sales bonuses on still and video cameras plus computers and software to edit my images and videos. While I was able to take on some outside projects now and then it was always a challenge to find the time.

Maybe that's because I also worked at the university radio station, got a job at a "real" radio station and formed my own disc jockey company which I still operate today. Radio led to an open mike night at a local comedy club. After years of writing and performing stand-up comedy as myself, I invented a comedy character who had a number of sold out shows, wrote and recorded a few songs for "him" and created animated visuals to support the live one man shows which I've performed at festivals and conferences all over North America.

During a break from my career in the financial industry I graduated with honours from the Vancouver Film School's Digital Design program and did some freelance assignments.

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