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Grail Quest Books is a publisher of traditional prose, comic books, special editions of beloved classics of literature, and audio dramas focusing on sweeping stories within epic fantasy or historical settings.

Along with developing its own proprietary series, GQB is also focused on building a community of sub-creators, visual artists, and storytellers in the realms of fantasy, the backdrop of history, and select genres of science fiction (although not necessarily all these in one place). We welcome new creatives committed to the vocation of story, as well as those who have already established their brand.

Each story–regardless of its method of being delivered to its audience–is a part of the library that GQB promotes to its readers and bookshops. For those creatives who bring their original stories to us to be part of this growing library, they maintain complete control of their properties at all times, while GQB receives the privilege of their permission to publish their work under our banner. And because GQB uses print-on-demand technology, all our creatives get higher royalties from sales of their work and the guarantee that their stories will remain in-print for as long as they wish. Options that bigger publishers just cannot offer within the old model of publishing.

GQB has an ever-growing network into many aspects of publishing, music, and visual/interactive media that we cannot wait to explore and cultivate further, not only for our own stories but also for the storytellers and artists at GQB. It is our long-term goal to help creatives get their work out there so they may be contacted by more mainstream entertainment companies to explore additional options; also to catch the eye of comic book publishers, film studios, and gaming industry representatives either to adapt their work or to hire them to work on their own projects. GQB is very interested in comic book publishing (long-term) as well and we hope to be able to make offers to adapt stories into comic books ourselves.

But we do not just accept any submission. We are looking for stories which are inspiring, which promote an absolute worldview that is greater than the sum of the main characters or their motivations, which support the reality of a complex and intelligently designed universe, and that reaffirm the qualities of faith, love, the deep value of life, mercy in forgiveness, right-action in defense of what is good–especially service to one’s neighbor, freedom within good order, responsibility, the importance of knowing the meaning of language, and the classical cardinal virtues. Not every story must be overtly designed around all of these, but it will naturally have a number of them as part of the narrative (or can be deduced by the reader).

GQB is also an official publisher/partner of the MyMiddle-earth (MME) Network. The combined works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis are majors focuses across the Network, but MME also has a radio and podcasting channel which gets a tremendous amount of traffic and downloads covering the greater subjects of fantasy and science-fiction. Including GQB’s own show–’The Questcast’–which promotes its stories, their creatives, and discusses “storycraft and publishing”, podcasts range from uber-popular video gaming shows (‘Casual Stroll to Mordor’ and ‘Quest Gaming Network’) to film discussion to the latest Lord of the Rings franchise news (‘Warriors of the Westfold’), some are live and some are recorded (or both). Total downloads of these shows is in the tens of thousands each month(!) and there is much cross-promoting between them, including commercials and announcements for MME and its partners.

All told, the news, social, and the radio channels–plus the scores of user and professional blogs–the Network is currently connecting to over 300,000 unique visitors a month. And this number is growing!

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