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Carlos "GRAN" Whiteside was born in Charleston, SC and later moved to the Bronx, NY were he was then raised. He emerged from the underground scene of Charleston, S.C in 1996, and has been partaking in some of the industries most prestigious companies since then.

His move to Charleston from New York led to a promising relationship and love for Music/Creatvie Arts & Design. While music production wasn't the only objective in mind, Carlos would also complete these fascinating graphic art projects that where almost unbelievable to his families eyes.

He wasn't your average kid; while most of his friends played sports, and enjoyed their social life he voluntarily chose to stay at home and master his craft during his early High School years, Because at a young age he then realized that he was in control of his fate.

While now on the pursuit to a promising career as a performer he plans to live up to his expectations and put South Carolina in the ranks as a landing strip for Hip-Hop. Music is not only his passion but an element of his artistry so stay tuned for whats yet to come.

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