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Garrick of Grand Productions Media and the HBK Gang, Bay Area based multimedia artist and director. Media types include video, photography, motion graphics, websites, and audio engineering while all post production is done by self as well. I was introduced to the video scene at the age of 13 while later moving into photography and other media outlets at age 19. My style is considered unique which quickly caught the eye of those surrounding, it’s versatile, in studio and on location. I work with a number of different class models and my photography style ranges from high fashion, grunge, lifestyle and many more. I was introduced and later brought into the HBK Gang in 2011 where I’ve produced a number of memorable visuals for the HBK brand including the popular “Losin” video of IAMSU. I have also done collaborative work with a host of individuals, the most distinguished being Cre8tive Class Ceo Daghe, aspiring model Kaela D., and $hmoplife embassador/Rapper K00L J0HN.

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