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I am a storyteller, filmmaker, entrepreneur and I recently challenged myself to create 30 videos in 30 days, each one unique with a strong story to tell or a specific film technique to explore. I will share the impetus for each day's story as well as the thought process behind each video and the production challenges I faced each day.


  1. FKY
  2. Variable
  3. sebastien montaz-rosset
  4. At First Sight Films
  5. alex varanese
  6. Studio Z Films
  7. Kessler Crane
  8. Blu Couture
  9. Cine Agency Inc
  10. Freshsox
  11. Heart Stone Films
  12. Pacific Pictures
  13. Cloud Nine Creative
  14. Zacuto
  15. Ron Dawson | Dare Dreamer Media
  16. Ray Roman
  17. SidebySide Cinema
  18. Casey Warren | MINDCASTLE

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