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Grapevine Studio is inspired by the expression “to hear through the grapevine”, which is a way to know about something through rumours or passing the word around. For us, the basics of communication.

We work in the following sectors:
- Audiovisual productions, traditional and stop-motion animation (cinema, web, tv);
- Planning and realisation of eco-design objects, obtained from the recycle of scenographic material and costumes;
- Press office and audiovisual services in social and environmental communication.

Such areas of production have the following objectives:
- Production with the use of raw material from “reutilisation and recycling”;
- Production at low CO2 emissions, through activities of reforestation;
- Communication and development for the collective conscience about themes of environmental safety and reutilisation and recycling of rejected material from industrial production.

Grapevine Studio srls is made by a group of young businessmen that are also creative artists able to design, develop and produce a project from its first idea all the way to distribution, taking care of all the collateral exploitation that the product allows.
Grapevine Studio makes use of many partnerships in Italy and abroad (UK, Spain, France, USA), thanks to the network that its funders have created in years of hard working experience.

Be green on screen. Save on budget. Be sustainable.

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