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hi. i'm gray, like the color. if you had a strange name, you'd probably think of an effective way to make sure people remembered your name too. i've lost count of the number of times i re-met people who thought my name was Greg or Gary. I do a lot of things, mostly in the visual arts or music. i currently live in Dallas and kick ass @ CharlieUniformTango[DFW]. if you'd like to see more, visit me @ you can also find me on twitter/grayisthecolor.

now, go watch some videos.

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  1. haHA. found it. on the Spline Wrap, below the Size & Rotation boxes is a Spline twirl down. make sure the "Fix Bounding Box" option is checked. I didn't, and my entire piece would shift just after the Bend deformers did their thing.
  2. this is amazing, however, i'm having issues once i create the Arc and the Spline Wrap. My animation jumps after the last keyframe. Anyone else having this issue?