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Hello and welcome to Great Eye in the Sky Productions on Vimeo. I am Namreblis Ekim, also known to many as Mike Silberman.

I've been making films for over a decade, but it has truly been the last six years where I've centered my focus on certain underlying factors that seem to dominate the collective mind of our society. I also choose to bring light to the fact our excessive lifestyles and trends are mimicked and seem to leech their way across the rest of the world. I feel that it is my path in life to try and offer deeper glimpses into America's way of life, which many remain unaware of, or simply choose to ignore.

I feel with the help of many kindred spirits my films can truly make an impact. The majority of my work is available here for free screening. If you watch my projects and decide they are worth something to you, please support my future endeavors by purchasing a physical DVD copy on my website

My sincere hope is that for the rest of my life I have the opportunity to make films which offer a different glimpse on various parts of not only our American way of life, but our global community as well. I hold onto the desire that my films may be accepted by everyone who has their own wonderfully unique perspectives of this world. I move forward with the understanding that some may disagree upon my portrayal of certain messages, yet I simply chose to convey individual messages in my own right, for my own reasons. I always humbly respect the thoughts of those around me whether I agree with them or not.

As a film maker I was put here on this planet to speak up for the voiceless. Together we have the power in numbers to unite and cry out for progress. I maintain constant hope that our generation and those to come will be the ones to break the heavy chains that have bound our limitless potentials for all too long.

Forever ask questions, remain optimistic, and above all maintain peace and balance within yourself in order to share your unique power with the world.

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