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Green Hypnotic’s new project, INC.O.A.S.T.NITO, has received great praise by many Quebec-based blogs. The quality of the sound in the project is off the hook. Also, INC.O.A.S.T.NITO brings a wind of change in Montreal:

‘’Sounds like nothing that has been made in the city” (PACESIX).

For this project, the young rapper decided
to innovate and use his passion for video games and technology to create his new sound. Young and edgy Montreal producers such as Da-P, High-Klassified, Kaytranada, Rami.B and Dr.Mad participated in this album.

One critic says: ‘’ He has this natural talent to make catchy hooks that get stuck in your head for an eternity...or two.” (LA DISQC)

Green’s natural knack for music surely comes from his wide musical knowledge. Being a 90’s baby, that era obviously influenced him. At the beginning of his rapping career, Green sounded more like an “old school rapper”. In 2009, he dropped 15 videos back to back on the Internet. He called this project The
Green Week; this project was made in collaboration with his C.O.A.S.T. music partners. The C.O.A.S.T. Records is a recording studio he built with BB-Boy and well known Montreal producer High-Klassified in 2006. Productions
from High-Klassified, Da-P and Colin MusoNi are featured in The Green Week project. MusoNi is the founder of the collective ALAIZ, which is currently enjoying a wave of popularity in and around Montreal. Being a member of this collective, Green reps ALAIZ proudly. The last video of The Green Week saga - “Death of Green Hypnotic” - reveals the death of his character. When he dropped the first single off of INC.O.A.S.T.NITO, Bow Down, a few months later, fans witnessed his rebirth as he reintroduced himself as a Prince. He is now releasing the single’s video and it will be a very new and innovative look that will surely take fans by surprise.

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