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Green Yaffle Press is a parnertship publisher specialising in quality non-fiction, poetry and esoterica. Established by author Lynden Swift, this is a place to showcase videos about our favourite subjects, new authors and what is going on a Green Yaffle Press.

The Green Yaffle Bird
Yaffle is the 'Olde English' word for the Green Woodpecker or Picus Viridus. The Green Yaffle is an ancient symbol of prosperity and knowledge. Stretching back to the first cities of ancient Babylon, the bird has appeared as a Divine messenger, giving knowledge to humans, often of the future, and being associated with the blessings of good fortune from the heavens. The bird is also associated with being able to unlock all locks and open all doors. He has been chosen as a fitting symbol for this business which is focussed on the sharing and spreading of knowledge.

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