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  1. 39:22:45


    by Gresham College

    53 Videos

    All of the Gresham College Lectures from 2014

  2. 124:59:26


    by Gresham College

    155 Videos

    All of the Gresham College lectures delivered in 2013.

  3. 08:45:34

    International Law

    by Gresham College

    15 Videos

    A series of lectures by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, Gresham Professor of Law, on international law and international criminal tribunals. All information about Professor Sir Geoffrey Nice QC and his lectures…

  4. 03:27:53

    What Makes a Good Professional?

    by Gresham College

    6 Videos

    This event explores the question "What makes a good professional?" from a number of angles. Of particular interest is assessing the correct balance between public benefit and private gain…

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