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It’s a rare thing to find smart, poetic lyricism in pop music. Greycoats’ anglo-rock manages to spend both words and melody wisely. Their debut full-length album, Setting Fire to the Great Unknown, was marked by strong ambition, heartfelt romanticism and cinematic sweep. After touring both U.S. coasts, the band returned to The Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis with the production help of guitarist/songwriter Jeremy Ylvisaker (Andrew Bird, The Cloak Ox, Gramma’s Boyfriend, Alpha Consumer).

They set out to make a dust bowl record, and somehow found their way through the 1939 World’s Fair and the post-utopian twilight to follow.

World of Tomorrow is an album with a tighter, focused sound. It’s the story of hubris and survival; death be damned.

The Minnesota quartet released the Helicline EP in June, 2012 to test the waters. The EP was staff-listed among the best local albums of 2012 by City Pages. Referencing Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s “We are the music makers. We are the dreamers of dreams,” Brian Oake of Cities97 said, “There’s a singular and unique vision that [Greycoats] articulate, regardless of the given whims and directions and trends.”

Jon Reine | Titus Decker | Matt Patrick | Mike Smith

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