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Grinder Films is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is Africa's only specialist Tabletop Film Production company. Grinder specializes in production of commercials and stills for the food & beverage sector. We are specialists in such food-types as Dry Foods, Sauces, Beer, Chocolates, Dairy, Fruit Juices and Ice Cream to mention just a few. We produce both Tabletop and Performance/Live-Action commercials and still photography images. Our approach is to homogenize performance and product elements to create a single and aligned look and message.

We cater to advertising agencies, production companies, post-production shops and animation houses alike. We shoot in both studio and on location, locally in South Africa as well as Internationally. Our main markets are Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia. Grinder Films also produces Photo/Stills Productions as well as provides service production for commercials. We are also specialists in the preparation and manufacture of product substitutes, models & mock-ups, packs production and label printing.
We have a 400 sqm. filming studio and a 150 sqm. photo-studio in Cape Town, both of which have been purpose-built for the production this specific advertising genre.

Grinder has also recently opened a European branch-office in Warsaw, Poland which supplies the same quality of xpertise for Tabletop, SFX and food and beverage advertising.

For further info please refer to our website:

Contact: Executive Producer David Rowley



Tabletop Cinematography, Food & Beverage Advertising, Food Commercials, Phantom HD Flex High-Speed Camera, High-Speed Motion-Control, Food Stylist food-prep kitchen, Food Styling, System Advanced Bore-scope and Periscope lens systems, Model, Mock-ups, Product Replicas, Package Replicas, Product Substitutes, Label printing.

Directors represented:
Simon Barnes
Steve Downer
Richard DeAragues
Carl Prechezer
Michael Buckley
Ian Difford
Ronald Koetzier
David Wynn-Jones

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