We Love Music


A alternate-edit for fun to try it out and colour grading - the original edit by the director's with a story-line is on YouTube. There were two cameras for the band shoot - I was B Camera.

This was my first music video shoot! Which is the reason I wanted to edit the B Camera roll I'd shot for the director, Paul Worth. So there is a story, but not in this version. For what it is, does it work? It's a bit long for just having a band play. If for 10-15 seconds it 'feels' like a music video, then I'm happy. Let me know! I can't wait till the final video is done too so I can see it too.

Stats: Shot on an HV20 with the aperture locked as wide-open as I could with my 35mm adapter's GG zoomed in on. Lenses were 3 Nikons, 50mm F1.4, 70mm-150mm zoom, a 24mm-75mm zoom. Not bad for HDV, low-light with a single chip sensor & 35mm adapter I'd say!

j vimeo.com/1517548

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