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Dear all my friends and ANSOMIA.
23-25th June, 2010
Sarzana, Italy

Burning in the Sun, ANSOMIA

Directed by Julien Wonmo Kim
Contact : jk.shato@gmail.com

Photography : Canon 550d + Sigma 18-50mm (1920x1080)
Editing : Final Cut Pro
Color grading : COLOR
Down Converting(H264.1280x720) : Compressor

* Leo James Manzini - Vocal, Guitar, Harmonica
* Dario Cambiaso - Guitar, Vocal
* Giacomo Lomasti - Guitar. Vocal
* Simone "Timo" Orlandi - Bass, Vocal
* Edoardo Galletto -Drum

Folk Rock/Blues/grunge


j vimeo.com/15602473

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