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Day Seventeen.
February 23, 2011.

I'm no singer or guitar player. But I just heard this song yesterday and wanted to dedicate this to someone I'm just beginning to be friends with, but who I want to be friends with for a very very long time! - tired of those one-sided friendships, you know?
So this is an altered first verse + chorus of "Just Friends" by Musiq Soulchild, plus a part I added for the ending.

Lyrics, cause I'm hard to understand sometimes:

Boy I know this might seem strange,
But let me know if I'm out of order
For steppin to you this way.
See I've been watchin you for a while,
And I just gotta letchu know
That I'm really feelin your style.
Cause I have to know your name,
And leave you with my number,
And I hope that you will call me someday.
If you want you can give me yours too,
But if you don't well I ain't mad atchu,
We can still be cool cause

I'm not tryin to pressure you,
Just can't stop thinkin bout you,
You ain't even really gotta be my boyfriend.
I just wanna know your name,
And maybe sometime
We can hook up, hang out, just chill.

{then, my part}

Kevvy, I am done with this song.
No it isn't finished,
But my vocal chords can't sing no more.
But I just wanna say something quickly,
that is that I really really think that we'll be very close friends.
In fact I think that we could be best friends,
And not the fake kind.
So let's give it some time,
And maybe we'll find..
Find out.

j vimeo.com/20314788

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