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Band: Płyny
Songs: S-ex, Etui, RNF FM, Warszawska plaża
Date: 2009.03.21
Venue: Teatr Rozmaitości, Warsaw, Poland
Audio: two MXL 603 microphones + Soundcraft Compact-4, captured with Audacity on Macbook Pro
Video: Canon HV30

The third part of their concert in Teatr Rozmaitości (aka TR Warszawa).
One of the most interesting polish bands at the moment, yet one of the most underrated :-(

With this video I'm introducing new presentation scheme using Vimeo's „jump to” feature. As result, you'll listen to few songs in a row with less clicking, while still being able to select a particular song. I hope it's a good idea, but let me know if you think otherwise. Or even agree ;-) Registered users can download the file for offline watching.

The full playlist from this concert:
Part 1: vimeo.com/3807511 (duration 17m 45s)
01 at 00.00 Limassol
02 at 05.54 Communication Breakdown
03 at 08.39 Mała sobota
04 at 13.18 Rezolutna Joanna
Part 2: vimeo.com/3811175 (duration 26m 07s)
05 at 00.00 Chiński szajs
06 at 03.01 Miłość
07 at 08.07 Pałac Kultury
08 at 11.49 Autostrada
09 at 16.56 Ne positiva situacjone
10 at 21.27 Marta
Part 3: vimeo.com/3820060 (duration 16m 57s)
11 at 00:00 S-ex
12 at 04:50 Etui
13 at 08:09 RNF FM
14 at 13:55 Warszawska plaża
Part 4: vimeo.com/3821620 (duration 16m 26s)
15 at 00.00 Rower Kosmos
16 at 05.03 Nikt nie ma zioła na Sienkiewicza
17 at 10.01 Uniwersam Grochów
18 at 13.24 Dalekie są kraje

The musicians are:
Ola Bilińska – vocal
Igor Spolski – vocal, guitar
Szymon Tarkowski – vocal, bass
Michal Lamza – keyboard
Andrzej Kwiatkowski – drums, accordion

More informations about...
the band: myspace.com/plynyband (en, pl)
the venue: trwarszawa.pl (en, pl)

j vimeo.com/3820060

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