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A picnic turns unexpectedly psychedelic for three rogue gents.

Rotoscope animated music video for Mark Deutrom by Jennifer Deutrom (animation previously seen in Waking Life, the Five Obstructions).
Directed/Animated by Jennifer Deutrom. Produced by Bob Sabiston / Flat Black Films. Music by Mark Deutrom
Austin, Texas 2012.
jdeutrom.com, markdeutrom.com, flatblackfilms.com

More about Jennifer and Mark....
Jennifer Deutrom is an animator and artist in Austin Texas. You can see her work in films such as Richard Linklater's Waking Life and Lars von Trier's Five Obstructions and short films such as "Roadhead", "Snack and Drink", "Get With the Program", and music video "Ruckus Juice".

Mark Deutrom is a musician and producer in Austin Texas. He has played in and produced albums for the bands Clown Alley and the Melvins and toured with Sunn0))). He ran the label Alchemy Records in San Francisco in the 80s and has two solo albums.

j vimeo.com/45620748

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