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This is the official video for 'Dual Core' by Masturbeator.

Masturbeator on Facebook: facebook.com/masturbeator
Masturbeator on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/masturbeator
Masturbeator on Youtube: youtube.com/user/MasturbeatorTV

This is a stop-motion animation made with 2000+ photo shots. Entire video was shot with Canon EOS 300d. It was filmed in Bar, Montenegro.
Interesting facts:
-Movie on the laptop screen which is watched by the main character is 'Tesis' directed by Alejandro Amenabar. If you haven't watched it go find it ;) .
-The record that is played by the main character is from a Serbian and former Yugoslav progressive/psychedelic rock band from Belgrade 'Igra Staklenih Perli', which I highly recommend to everyone.


Music: Masturbeator - Dual Core
Cameraman/photographer: Saša Lazović
Written by, screenplay, editing, post production: Andrija Krivokapić a.k.a. Masturbeator
Directed by: Andrija Krivokapić a.k.a Masturbeator

j vimeo.com/58921091

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