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The Divine Secret - Hide And Seek

In between shooting two videos for The Divine Secret I grabbed a moment and shot this impromptu single shot video for their awesome track Hide & Seek.

Divine Secret are a great rock band who have recently been selected for the Wychwood Festival Introducing Stage, after going through rigorous rounds of BBC Radio competitions, congrats guys!

What you can't see is that the floor of this basement is covered in feathers and popcorn and once this video, which we did three takes for, was finished, we spent about 30 minutes picking said mess up, in order to shoot the remaining sequences!

This video was mostly done for fun on the spur of the moment, taking about 15 minutes tops. Lighting was one Arri 300watt light in the corner and I also used my Litepanels Micropro on top of my 5dmark2 to give Joe, the singer, some light on his face.

To see some of the shots that might make the two videos mentioned above (editing now!), that this video was sandwiched in between, go here - vimeo.com/9340605 - it's a rough colour test I put online and contains some technical info if you're interested!

Oh and I wanted to give it a nice start so made some weird opening credits in FCP, please let me know if you think it works!

by Andrew Nicholas at Frarl.com

j vimeo.com/9589623

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