Anamorphic Adapters

For the first time in 14 years, I am switching my flagship camera system from the Canon EOS family to something more robust in today's sophisticated digital filming industry.

arcDéco | cinematography proudly introduces the RED Scarlet-X DSMC into our production spec, along with our current 5D mk ii camera package. Now we have the full capability to film in 4K and true 5K cinema 2.75:1 anamorphic (6k optical) with our Zeiss primes package.

Contact arcDéco today about your next project to have it produce future proof beyond high definition.

[footage was comprised of initial camera test with our in house Scarlet-X 3743 in 4K HD at 8:1 with a 1.5x CinemaScope on Zeiss glass resulting a 6K optical image after desqueeze, with the exception of the end shot was captured on our in house 5D2 with the same optic setup]


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