Dynamic Perception: Stage-Zero

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Timelapse Moab is a 5-day Advanced Timelapse / Astro Timelapse Workshop being held in Moab, Utah from May 27-31st, 2014. With Arches National Park and the Moab Landscape as our foreground you'll learn how to use your dSLR to capture breathtaking time-lapse sequences under one of the darkest skies you'll ever see.

You'll also learn how to use the Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly and eMotimo Pan & Tilt head during the workshops, and how to make use of the new Timelapse+ Remote Control to take control of your camera for bulb ramping and more.

You'll learn:

- How to eliminate flicker in your time-lapse sequences
- The best desktop and mobile apps to use for scouting and prepping for your shoots
- How to determine the best camera settings and interval for each time-lapse
- How to work around the limitations of automatic lenses for time-lapse capture
- The importance of selecting the best shutter speed
- You'll get to use motion control rigs from Dynamic Perception and eMotimo
- A variety of Post Processing Workflows
- Tips & Tricks to get around common problems
- and more

The workshop will be divided into classroom and on-location learning, but the workshop is structured to give you as much on-location shooting time as possible. By the time the workshop is over you'll have the knowledge and know-how to conquer virtually any time-lapse situation.

The Instructor:

Ron Risman is the founder of Cameratown.com, an online resource for the photography industry, enthusiasts and professionals and has been commissioned to shoot time-lapses for corporate and broadcast clients for the past few years. His client list includes Liberty Mutual, Restoration Hardware, FOX CT, WFTX Orlando, Berklee College, and HBO - among others. Ron is also the owner of Cinematic Stories Productions, an award-winning production house specializing in time-lapse, corporate, and event films.

j vimeo.com/65987690

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