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It's New Year's Eve, Los Angeles, 1957. The ideal American family- Brad Ford, Jan Ford, and their ten-year-old son, Little Johnny, sit down for a pleasant dinner together before they host their annual New Year's party at their suburban home on Candy Cane Lane.
Starring Tyler Onassis, Ali Chappell and Michelle Jones, and written/directed by Tyler Onassis, Alexandros Productions is cordially inviting you to "CANDY CANE LANE" to spend a joyous evening at the Fords'.

Tyler Onassis...Brad Ford
Ali Chappell...Jan Ford
Michelle Jones...Butterfly
Production Company: Alexandros Productions
Director: Tyler Onassis
Writer: Tyler Onassis
Producer: Pablo Estevez
Editor: Pablo Estevez
Director of Photography: Pablo Estevez
Assistant Director: Pablo Estevez
Soundtrack: "National Anthem", performed by Alysia Lynn
Filming Location: Toronto, ON
Release Date: July 14 2013
Official Site:!alexandros-productions/c1uwy

Director Notes:
“CANDY CANE LANE” is the second installment of “The Twisted 50’s: A Trilogy of Exploitation Films”, a drama/black comedy about the dark side behind the world of 1950’s Pleasantville. The “magazine picture” perfect family- Brad Ford (Tyler Onassis), Jan Ford (Ali Chappell) and their ten-year-old son, Little Johnny, live an idyll life worthy of a Douglas Sirk movie on Candy Cane Lane in Los Angeles suburbia. Come New Year’s Eve, 1957, and Jan has been a busy housewife preparing for their annual New Year’s party with the assistance of their help, Butterfly (Michelle Jones). Brad, an ad man, comes home from a day at the office for a pleasant dinner with his wife and son before all of the guests arrive. Nothing could be more wonderful for this family with their six o’clock scotches and daiquiris, the Christmas tree and delicious dinner made by Butterfly. However, when the liquor intakes increase and the dream begins to fade, Brad begins to express his “interest” in Butterfly, Jan lets her alcoholism accelerate, and Little Johnny starts to disobey his parents… something the boy knows he should NEVER do. As the true faces of the Fords begin to manifest over this one evening, a suspenseful turn of events takes place that no one on Candy Cane Lane could have ever expected. “You can have your cake and eat it too in this life…”
If you enjoyed your evening with the Fords on Candy Cane Lane, here are a few more titles to keep it just as dreamy: Magnificent Obsession (1954), Pillow Talk (1959), Parents (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Pleasantville (1998), Far From Heaven (2002), The Hours (2002), Mad Men (2007-TV), The Help (2011).
“CANDY CANE LANE” follows “ROCKCLIFF DR.” and is followed by “HOLLYWOOD & VINE”.


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