Members of Google, The Daily Meal, Radium One, Span Feller Group, Federated Media, C'Volution, and IC Group got together to explore and discuss their vision for the future of digital marketing. This is part I of II in this edition - we'll be sharing the next shortly.

Behind the scenes:

Kay Webster shares how YouTube has really shifted its focus to help create strong, engaging original content. They want their network to be an extension to your regular television programming. With all of the devices pre-loaded with YouTube apps out there in the world today, it's already here. This push for good content has bled over into their video ad formats where users now have the option to skip an ad after a few seconds. How many times have you watched a 30 second ad in full before a YouTube video? I know I've been there - forgetting what I originally planned to watch a few times. If the ad doesn't feel like an ad and engages an audience, I think it's done its job.

We know all too well how difficult it can be to keep a healthy blog going in the midst of our busy production schedules. Imagine what Jackie Stone and The Daily Meal has been set out to accomplish. Now that's determination! We just loved hearing their goals and visions for the future.

Mark Hierlihy at C'Volution has a really interesting perspective on the digital landscape, as a cause-marketing firm. What is cause-marketing? Mark sets out to help and teach companies / charities build unmistakable authenticity by engaging cause-sensitive customers with strategic insights and activations. It's invaluable PR and it's changing quickly today.

Google envisions a future for technologies like NFC to apply to a person's home setting. Your phone could one day let you into your house. It could start your car. Kellie Fitzgerald shares what the consumer package goods (CPG for all the marketers who love abbreviations out there) side of Google has been up to and her goal is really to have her team become a conduit between what the consumer behaviour is and what the advertising and CPG marketing companies need.

Deanna Brown's vision and goal at Federated Media is to help brands become publishers on the web. Publishers, advertisers and brands are moving to mobile, social and video platforms like never before and she poses the question: "What role does advertising and conversational media play into that equasion?"

Collaborators included: Deanna Brown, Doug Chavez, Jackie Stone, Behnam Dayanim, Kellie Fitzgerald, Kay Webster, Kelly Crerar, Mark Hierlihy, Duncan McCready, Jennifer Beechen, Marti Sterne, Melissa Amedeo, Jill Cashman, Vickie Prucha

Created by At First Sight Films
Stephen Gray, Mark Hiebert, Chris Radke

Music licensed through TheMusicBed


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