99% OCCUPY the World Speaks

On October 10 2011 members of the Occupy Boston movement expanded their living quarters to Rose F. Kennedy Greenway park. At 1:30AM the Boston Police Department raided the peaceful assembly. The first to be arrested were Veterans For Peace; as those who swore an oath to protect the American people, domestic and abroad, were thrown to the ground and taken into custody. The BPD continued to arrest students. recent graduates, and the un- and under-employed who are fed up with America's economic inequality. Although given the option to remove themselves from the premises protestors remained in solidarity, not allowing their voices to remained muffled underneath the 1% of Americans who possess 42% of U.S. Financial Wealth.
Commonwealth v. Abramms states:“This construction avoids any question of constitutional infirmity; only peaceful assemblies, not violent gatherings, are protected by the First Amendment and art. 19." Meaning that no person of a peaceful assembly is subject to arrest under c. 269, § 2. There were no violent acts by the protesters, only by a select few of the BPD who unlawfully arrested over 100 people.

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