3D Animation

Editing, Design & Compositing Reel by Creative Director Nel Santiago.

Evening Edition -The Weather Channel (While employed at Hothaus Creative)
Design by Lawrence Garza, animation by Nel Santiago. Director of Photography Terry Hart.

Compositing, Tracking and Interface Design of HP tablet scenes
Pitbull-Give Me Everything ft, Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer
Music Video: vimeo.com/23349258

Compositing & Tracking on sunglasses throughout
Music Video: vimeo.com/28789189

Editing, Shootiing & Color Grading
Client-DFWSkate/Twizted Bunny Photography
Tony Granados MKVI GTI Feature.

Editing & Design by Nel Santiago-unless other wise credited

j vimeo.com/44584702

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