3D Animation

Most recent work on Pompeii, Endless Love, Get On Up, Crimson Peak, TBA, Vikings and The Strain not yet in reel.

0. Smoke Beat - Countdown
Music driven shape shifting smoke. vimeo.com/83495918

1. Call of Duty: Ghosts - The Mill
Ghost Smoke
Crater Smoke
Shapeshifting stars

2. HALO 4 Spartan Ops – Axis Animation
Energy Sword Smoke
Sparks for Gun Split
Cloaking (Only last one)

3. World of Warplanes Trailer - Fido Film
Wingtip trails
Engine trails
Tracer fire
Tracer fire trails

4. Stargazer - Side Effects Software

4.1. Fluid & Rigid Bodies
FLIP sticky fluid with trails. Generates splat fluid surface area on impact. Rigid Bodies with constraints generates wiggle motion on impact. All lilies in scene wiggle from wind.

4.2. Infection
Based on the fluid collision. Several color spread attributes to control the infection for bubbling, bend, eat, break, shaders, particles and smoke.

4.3. Bubbling
A static noise for generation of the bubbling pattern, and an animated noise to drive the displacement from the pattern.

4.4. Bend, Eat & Break
Cloth, wire and SOP solvers for breaking, eating and bending the petals and the stems.

4.5. Procedural Shaders
All shaders procedural, based on UV, geometry curvature and the infection spread. Changes of color, alpha, bump and specular from the infection spread.

4.6. Particles
Attributes to control range of randomness for sizes and velocity.

4.7. Smoke
Wispy smoke behavior. Smoke also generates steam layer.

5. 2013 Geneva Motor Show: Hyundai Press Conference - Realise Studio
Created a video for 2013 Geneva Motor Show: Hyundai Press Conference. Work includes modify rigid bodies with custom forces, as well look development, lighting and compositing.

6. Fluid Beats
6.1 FLIP Beat - Splash
Music driven liquids and RBD with various colors and viscosity.
CHOPs read the music and create triggers and a counter to drive FLIP and RBD sims. The counter switches between RBD sims to generate different cracks, and the timeline is driven by the beat. The FLIP is emitted from the cracks and the solver mixes different colors and viscosities on every beat. The FLIP get pushed with a divergence field and velocity from RBDs, as well forces from magnets around the stone to generate an extra pull from a random direction on every beat. Warm yellow color means high viscosity. vimeo.com/69335077

6.2 FLIP Beat - Countdown
Music driven shape shifting FLIP liquids. vimeo.com/73616558

6.3 Pyro Beat - Heart
Music driven pyro(fire and smoke) with various colors.
Similar tecnique as FLIP Beat. The pyro solver mixes the colors, and get pulled and pushed by divergence as well the velocity from the RBDs. The debris movement is done in POPs by advecting the pyro velocity field vimeo.com/69098094

7. Pyro RnD
7.1 Fireballs
Fireballs with different settings and shading. First mix colors with multiple sources. vimeo.com/67566626

7.2 Stones
Pyro driven by RBD Bullet sims. Velocity and geometry from RBD drive color, fuel and temperature fields. Multiple sources,velocity and base colors on stone id drive the colors. Color mixed by advecting color with velocity fields. vimeo.com/68041804

8. Particles
8.1 Museum
The photo I took in Glasgow at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Particles are advected by a pyro sim and fire grading determine by the velocity. vimeo.com/57649303

8.2. Fluid Texture on Sphere
2D fluid simulation mixed in as texture that drives particles, colors, displacement, geometry lights of the sphere. vimeo.com/63731858

8.3. Turtle
Particles advected by fluid sim from a pyro solver. Turtle movement is traced and mixed into the fluid velocity. Ripples over the uv drive the patterns over the mesh. Colors based age, velocity and distance to the turtle. vimeo.com/56807001

9. Walk Cycles
The walk cycles are hand drawn assignments from a class at UPV, Valencia 2009. Animation is then used as a texture on a grid with particles and advected by a pyro sim. Colors based on age and velocity. First cycle based on lines and the second on the matte. vimeo.com/58572995

Software: Houdini, Nuke, After Effects, Maya (for turtle,model, rigging and animation)

j vimeo.com/62575757

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