3D Animation

A temporary mapping installation directed by James.Yuxi.Cao
Central Academy of Fine Art(CAFA) Beijing CHINA
Now exhibited at Central Academy of Fine Art Museum (CAFAM) From 25.JUN to 25.AUG
Thirty years of China's urbanization have used up nearly half of the world's cement and steel, and became the world's largest construction site, the increasing amount of 30 billion square meters build the equivalent of three China's land area, I am trying use new media technologies and scaffolding frame space in the form of the construction of such a large amount of reduction to a real space, so that the viewer can experience close to this huge scaffolding structure density space.
DIRECTED by James.yuxi.Cao
VISUALS by James.yuxi.Cao
MUSIC composed by Guoji.Yang

j vimeo.com/69800552

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