Live Durational Performance

"Plant me a Word" is a long duration performance and an installation based on linguistic roots and cultural heritage(s). Is an action about relation, time, communication, emotions, tastes… it’s a game about the power and the weight of words in a spoken and unspoken dialogue. It is a living installation constructed and reconstructed daily, perpetuating the presence of an open dialogue, through the continuous sound of the objects and through the memory of the bodies that inhabit it.
With a focus on language heterogeneity and cultural languages, the action looks for, by the simplicity of the gesture, the assimilation of the Other as a constitutive part of the message shared, in a time that is only ours. In that moment “performer” and “audience” no longer exist as concepts, to become, both present communicant bodies. The intercultural language, all the similarities and the all the differences, an eye dialogue... performer and audience in that present moment sharing.

This work was developed in a international art residency and presented for the first time in the 6th edition of Sao Tome and Príncipe Art and Culture Biennial,(2011) for the second time in the City Museum of Lisbon (Portugal, 2012) and most recently at BU World Symposium on Global Encounters in Southeast Asian Performing Arts (Thailand, 2013).

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