Enthusiasts of Photographic Activities .

I taken the time to try and do the review and be as not so detailed as possable.

I Have asked a number of people while I just purcased my cam, and was told to get te GGS be the best purcse for that particular set up you are after.

While hesitation on purchase, price was 40 plus, found as low as 35 plus.

More tought when in and then the next ting you know 60.00 then to 75.00 for just a peice of plastic, heart breaking. Reading other reviews, good and bad. I found again te Perfect, and one person said he has the HX9V, that was the ticket. Purchased mine for 40 plus. and made my review soon after.

As I more and more have trouble seeing in daylight, once tis went on OMG! a night and day diffrence. It is sad that hteSOny does not have a various Zoom speed, otherwise the product is awesome.

So I hope that you cansit back relaxe show somesupport, and decide if this product is for you. Please show some intrest if you like, if a comment or Like.

thank you, Shot wit the Kodak Playtouch HD720P rendered on a Old Lpatop, and slow speed internet.

j vimeo.com/31931135

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