Enthusiasts of Photographic Activities .

This is Port San Juan, PR, there is part one that is a Kitchen tour, 498mb will need to a wait till Jan8-9 2012.

The tour ofOld & New San Juan, . longer version, edited down to size, on Youtube. i show a longer version. Editig ws needed on my video's

I used a trial version of Magix as I did not have with me, was rushed to getthe job done, personal reasons.

Alot can be said, and it's all priceless in the moments to me.

tour guide/bus driver. was fair, did hisjob, hard to understand through his accent. thinkinga elebrity person be guiding, while driver concritraited getting us there, called Multi talanted.

We have been to a beach, would have loved, more of the fort, a taiste is good but others did not respect the 15 minute Limit they exded it to 30 from getting off to getting on.

For I would have Yelled out "get on th bus, Lets go, but Paitience is neded, period on a vacatin to enjoy.

WHile on the road back to Old San Juan, to the Fort, 45 minutes is a short time, it is my turn to take all the time I want, we should have, but are respectful people. we were on the bus, back in 5 minutes time. All were. We wished we had that extra 15 minutes that the others hogged Lol. too lil time to see.

As we were the only few that got off , walked hte town, and headed back we seen all of San Juan's town, had about a hour to spare. Ate dinner, enjoyed a show, no a comedien, we caught at the end of the ships time, we had a great day At port 3 PM to 9Pm too short.

j vimeo.com/34428462

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