EN: (FR ci-dessous) This video projection mapping was made for the 600th birthday of Joan of Arc, Domremy, France (Artist residence). It is a tribute to Joan of Arc and to Cinema. There were several showings during the summer of 2012; planned & live :

FR: Cette projection de 'mapping' de la vidéo a été réalisée pour le 600e anniversaire de Jeanne d'Arc à Domrémy, France (Résidence d'Artiste). Il s'agit d'un hommage à Jeanne d'Arc et au cinéma. Il y avait plusiers projections pendant l'été de 2012; projeté & en direct:

More info - Jeanne d'Arc Projet d'Art:

Idea notes & technical stuff:
Since this was my 3rd project for the museum as artist-in-residence, I was pressed on time in every sense and so everything was finally figured out and finished just before the 1st showing in June 2012 ! Thus it's a simple mapping, more about cinema, trying to make a universal show in images, no dialogue and with very little text. However, from the scene of the 'escape!' to the end, it's slower and less dramatic than I intended it to be. Overall, the whole presentation was too long, 5 minutes would have been best.

This was my 1st video projection mapping show which was created with VJ software Resolume 3.3.3 and a mapping plugin called IR Mapio (now referred to as Visution Mapio). Every time I did the show, I also VJed live with some effects (see end of video with credits). I used a 4000 lumens Acer video projector with a video resolution of 1024x768, running on Windows XP (Dell laptop 5 years old, did not function with a higher resolution).

During the 1st showing I had video lag issues which I resolved for the 2nd showing. For each showing, the video projector had to be re-placed onto the stand which caused issues for proper alignment every time, even though markings were in place for the VP (and very little time to redo before show).

Excerpts / Extraits Films:
Jeanne d’Arc – Géorges Meliés, 1900
Joan the Woman – Cecil B. DeMille, 1916
La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc – Carl Theodor Dreyer, 1928
La Merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d’Arc, fille de Lorraine – Marco de Gastine, 1928
Joan of Arc – Victor Fleming, 1948
Giovana d’Arco al rogo – Roberto Rossellini, 1954
Saint Joan – Otto Preminger, 1957
Procès de Jeanne d’Arc – Robert Bresson, 1962
Seraphic Dialogue (Dance) – Martha Graham, 1969
Jeanne la Pucelle II : Les Prisons – Jacques Rivette, 1994
Jeanne d’Arc – Luc Besson, 1999
Joan of Arc (téléfilm) – Christian Duguay, 1999

Video Domrèmy & Nature – Julie Meitz

Book / Livre Images
Jeanne d’Arc, Les Metamorphoses d’une une héroïne – Philippe Martin

Excerpts / Extraits Music:
Forest 03 – Dobroide
Meadow ambience - Eric5335
By the river – Acclivity
Winter wind whistling through window - Audible-edge
Baby Newborn First Voice - Robinhood76
Church Bells Domrémy-la-Pucelle – Julie Meitz
Twinkle (music box) – 3Bagbrew
Maid of Orleans – OMD
Dramatic Piano 2 – Jobro
Cello open string bowed - Juskiddink
Cantigas de Santa Maria (Alphonse le Sage, XIIIe siècle) Todos Los Santos
0 Stabscrapes – Patchen
Humming birds ringing the bells village in the valley - Klankbeeld
Sitar by Kaiho (3 octaves up) - Hammerklavier
74274 Pycckuu Angel Gasleak remix – Timbre
Piano Chords – Vulpes
Beat – Anonymous ( source removed)
Remix of 34301 Vann Westfold Secundo Tempore2 1stbit remix 3 – Timbre
Over the rainbow (music box) – Juskiddink
La Merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d’Arc Soundtrack
Rbh rain 03 – Rhumphries
Rbh thunder storm - Rhumphries
Ambi – Anonymous ( source removed)
Cinematic boom norm – Herbert Boland
Reaching The Subsurface Ocean (Europa) – Mitch Walcott
Fire crackling - Dobroide
Lord, can you hear me – Low
Little black rain cloud (music box) - UncleSigmund
Silent Movie Sam Fox Hurry Music - Freqman

Software / Logiciels:
IR Mapio (Visution Mapio):

Technician / Regie (built VP stand / cabine & installed table)
Patrick Grandvuillemin


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