Best New Hip Hop Video (BNHHV)

Though Carlton Zeus vowed to post pone all live performances til the completion of his album, he and his team made an exception for a cause they all stood by..

KSYM 90.1 FM Presents: Alt to Hunger - Headlining Carlton Zeus

The show was OVER before they ever hit the stage. The venue indicated they were unaware of the genre headlining the show and intentionally butchered audio accommodations. Audio technicians were seen packing up within seconds of Chubby Fitzwell's performance. Fans were mislead ..but as KSYM noted, the show raised:

Money: $1676.
Cans: 510
Turkeys: 8
Boxes of Diapers: 4
Baby Formula: 5

Cheers to loyal Carlton Zeus fans and former listeners of KSYM..

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