2010 All America Laughter Yoga Conference

Discover programs which start with laughter and lead to original forms: bus tours, hiking trips, cruises, Retreat in the Mountains, “Community Night” at dance studios (where the entire family joins the dance-students for an evening of laughter yoga and dancing), group video-making projects, Laughter Adventure trips to offshore Islands, Retreats which combine Laughter Yoga with Hatha Yoga and Dances of Universal Peace, etc.… You will get plenty of ideas on how you can apply your skills and creativity beyond the laughter club and into: the space where anything’s possible. Includes a Q&A/Comment section which will expand your mind to new possibilities!

Learn easy techniques to get free from “Writer’s Block” (or any Expressive Block) and access Brilliant Creativity, fast!
Observe successful programs worldwide which integrate Laughter Yoga with other activities (and generate income while doing so);
Receive inspiration and support from a body of powerful, intelligent, active professionals in the field.

Jeffrey Briar is the Director of the Laughter Yoga Institute based in Laguna Beach, California, and the founder of the first Laughter Club in the world outside of India to meet seven days a week. Jeffrey has been a Yoga Teacher since 1976. He has undergone extensive training in different Yoga Schools and taught Master classes himself to different Yoga Teachers Associations in Europe and North America. He is also an accomplished comedian and performer on stage and screen. His career highlights include hundreds of TV and stage shows, as well as motion picture work with major Hollywood actors and actresses. Jeffrey concurrently flourishes as a concert pianist and composer and gives frequent solo recitals and serves as accompanist for opera singers, Broadway musicals and variety shows.


j vimeo.com/32489819

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