Time Lapse

Isobel, a british girl visited five unknown men in Shanghai, to see their lives there and what they are doing for the city. Little and simply stories but might touch your heart and soul, it will show u the imagine of the real Shanghai and it's real charm.
Full version of the 24 min SHOW - YOUTUBE ^0^ - youtube.com/watch?v=N_-GWb_3114&hd=1
Director & Editor: Yi Yangtian, Zhang Danni
Cameraman: Yi Yangtian, Zhang Danni
Fly Cam: Yi Yangtian, Zhang Danni
Color Correction: Yi Yangtian
Host: Isobel Yeung
Written by: Isobel Yeung, Yi Yangtian
Post Production: Zhang Danni

j vimeo.com/58624535

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