Kiduino II is a 30 minute documentary film about Share Conference that was held in Belgrade for the second time this April. Film also includes footage from the third Share that happend in Beirut this October. II brings dynamic overview of one of the most interesting cutting edge events in this part of the world.

Share 2 gathered more than two thousand activists, bloggers, engineers, programmers and artists from Serbia and internationally, in three days of interesting lectures, workshops and meetings at central venue. The lectures were given by leading international stars in the field of Internet activism and social changes, cyber dissidents and world-class bloggers, who gave their thoughts on new forms of activism and approaches in use of new media and advanced technologies. Discussions dived deep into the underground of the Internet movements and explored groups that fight for digital rights, protecting the privacy of fellow residents. With progressive music and culture, Internet is glorified as an open and free territory for all.

Share Team would like to thank to anyone who helped make this film.

See the documentary from 2011 here:


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