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A strong foot is essential to healthy stride and balance when walking and running. Excess stress on any singular part of your foot leads to many painful conditions from heel spurs to flatfoot.

Most running shoes encourage runners to strike the ground with the heel first. The initial impact is then mainly absorbed through the heel with the leftover force spreading to the runner’s arch and then forefoot and toes.

Conversely, striking the ground with your forefoot first, as encouraged by barefoot running, allows the initial impact to spread more evenly throughout the entire foot. This can actually can strengthen feet muscles assisting in the prevention of many issues associated with the foot. One of the greatest benefits of barefoot running is increasing the power and the muscles of your arch.

Recent research has shown that running with the initial impact at the forefront (midfoot / ball) and then rolling to the back (heel) of the foot allows a more even distribution of the shock. Over time this leads to health benefits such as stronger arch muscles, with a potential reduction in injury.

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